DOI Theory: Strategies and Best Practices- Media Edit

The purpose of this page is to culminate media pertaining to he best practices, strategies and how DOI Theory can be implemented to your business or institution. This media is separated into categories by types of media.

Slideshare Edit editors and contributors have not created a working widget to embed Slideshare projects. However we have provided links to the the source material along with verbatim of the Slideshares posted below.

Diffusion of Innovation Edit

Presentation consists of the core theory of diffusion of innovation followed by 3 case studies :  1) Diffusion of tetra cycline in the healthcare system and the effect of social factors on the same  2) Diffusion of Atorvastatin in healthcare system  3) Diffusion of Prozac in healthcare system and the dark side of pharma industry (taken from source)

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Chapter 3 Technology Adoption and Diffusion Technology Strategy for Managers and Entrepreneurs Edit

A great Slideshare presentation provided by Punit Agrawal. Key topics to note:

Identify key factors of different groups of adopters.

Explain why proportion of the market adopting a new technology product or service at a point in time is typically S-shaped.

Define and explain “crossing the chasm".

Figure out how to cross the chasm.

Explain why forecasting demand is difficult, but important.

Define technology diffusion, describe the typical diffusion pattern, and identify the factors that influence technology diffusion.

Understand how information and product diffusion models predict the rate and functional form of diffusion.

Use the Bass model to estimate the rate of diffusion.

Use the Delphi method to estimate the rate of diffusion.

Explain why complementary technology has a profound effect on technology diffusion.

Define and explain technology substitution.

Explain the importance of estimating how long it takes for technology substitution to occurLearning Objectives.

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Delphi Method-Introduction

For those wanting to learn more on the Delphi Method this is a great introductory Slideshare presentation provided by Anita Rubin.

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Diffusion, Adopters and Innovation (Ricardo Sosa, 2011) Edit

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Mastering Strategy ImplementationEdit

"This article presents the Strategy Execution Framework – a comprehensive management model that allows managers to master one of the greatest management challenges – successfully implementing strategies. The powerful framework incorporates 18 success factors that are related to the process, content and context of strategy implementation. Collectively, these tools help organizations plan and implement and manage their strategies but also monitor, learn and adapt their strategy implementations to achieve sustainable organizational success."- Dr. Arnold van der Maas

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Implementation Strategies (Part 1) Edit

A great slideshare presentation that provides information on:  -The Nature of Strategy Implementation Annual Objectives Policies. -Resource Allocation Managing Conflict Matching Structure with Strategy. -Restructuring, Reengineering & E-Engineering Linking Performance & Pay to Strategies Managing Resistance to Change. -Managing the Natural Environment Creating a Strategy-Supportive Culture Production/Operations Concerns When Implementing Strategies. -Human Resource Concerns When Implementing Strategies.

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Videos Edit

Everett Rogers "Diffusion of Innovations" SpeechEdit

Everett Rogers "Diffusion of Innovations" Speech43:41

Everett Rogers "Diffusion of Innovations" Speech

A forerunner of DOI Theory, this is Everetts Rogers speech on innovation and DOI Theory. 

Posted By: Ken Schreiner May, 30 2014

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Diffusion of InnovationsEdit

Diffusion of Innovation Theory05:06

Diffusion of Innovation Theory

A quirky, and fun video detailing the basics of DOI Theory. If you are a novice to DOI Theory, we recommend watching this video first to get a basic understanding of Everett Rogers DOI Theory. 

Creator: Dave Mulder Feb, 6 2014

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Episode 154 Innovation and the S-Curve Why More Money Doesn't Always Lead to Greater ImprovementsEdit

Episode 154 Innovation and the S-Curve Why More Money Doesn't Always Lead to Greater Improvements07:08

Episode 154 Innovation and the S-Curve Why More Money Doesn't Always Lead to Greater Improvements

A great video for the intermediate learner on DOI Theory and S-Curve Model. If you would like to understand how to create a S-Curve Model and how it impacts innovation we recommend watching this video!

Creator: Alanis Business Academy Feb 3, 2014

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TEDxMelbourne - Roger La Salle - Matrix thinking: how to do innovationEdit

TEDxMelbourne - Roger La Salle - Matrix thinking how to do innovation18:42

TEDxMelbourne - Roger La Salle - Matrix thinking how to do innovation

A informal video from the TEDXMelbourne with Roger La Salle going over the practice of "Matrix Thinking", who has written four books on the subject.

Creator: TEDx Talks

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Finding Opinion Leaders: The Other Referral - The Selling Essentials MinuteEdit

Finding Opinion Leaders The Other Referral - The Selling Essentials Minute02:28

Finding Opinion Leaders The Other Referral - The Selling Essentials Minute

A quick, fun video describing opinion leaders and how one retrieves referrals from them. Opinion leaders are typically higher-sect individuals who have great influence over the diffusion of innovations.

Creator: Rapid Learning Institute Sept 16, 2014

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Simon Sinek: Law of Diffusion of InnovationEdit

Simon Sinek Law of Diffusion of Innovation18:05

Simon Sinek Law of Diffusion of Innovation

An interesting video from another TEDX session, presentation given by Simon Sinek over Diffusion of Innovation Law and how great leaders inspire action!

Creator: eLearner Network Oct 12, 2012

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Innovation Diffusion Theory Edit

Innovation Diffusion Theory05:04

Innovation Diffusion Theory

Innovation Diffusion Theory explained using Apple. Inc. as an example.

Creator: Jason Lee & Ruba Shaikh, Dec 1, 2012

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The Bass ModelEdit

This article is a great overview of the Bass Model: history, practice, and it's implementation on innovations. 

For Further Readings:

For Further Reading on DOI Theory:Edit

Kaminski, J. (Spring 2011).Diffusion of Innovation Theory Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 6(2). Theory in Nursing Informatics Column.

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